Procurement Council


The Council

The Canadian Public Procurement Council (CPPC) was established in September 1999 to be the leading resource for public procurement across Canada.

It was granted its letters patent and charter under the provisions of Part II of the Canadian Corporation Act on September 23, 1999. The most recent version of its bylaws was revised on November 6, 2013.


The mission of the CPPC is to:

  • promote dialogue and networking;
  • facilitate information and knowledge exchange;
  • develop approaches to common issues; and
  • provide leadership for the resolution of shared challenges…

…to the benefit of public procurement in Canada and the citizens it serves.


The CPPC is a non-profit corporation with the following primary objectives:

  • provide appropriate leadership and promote dialogue in public procurement;
  • add value to the supply chain management function of member organizations;
  • exchange ideas, information and experiences on procurement-related activities; and
  • consider operational impacts of emerging policies and practices in public procurement, including the trade agreements, the electronic marketplace and public-private partnerships.