Procurement Council


2022 Series of Webinars


The CPPC is very proud and excited to announce a series of webinars of approximately 90-120 minutes each that will take place from February to June 2022.


The four subjects that will be presented during these webinars and scheduled dates are as follow:


– Trade Agreements presented by The Procurement Office (Paul Emanuelli): CLOSED
February 23, 2022

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– Social Procurement presented by Buy Social Canada (Tori Williamson): CLOSED
March 23, 2022

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– Agile Procurement presented by Shared Services Canada (Guylaine Carriere):
April 27, 2022

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Shared Services Canada (SSC) has launched a new simplified approach to IT procurement. Agile Procurement Process 3.0 (APP 3.0) makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to compete for government of Canada contracts.

APP 3.0 engages vendors throughout the process, starting with the initial design of the solicitation and problem statement. This way, the government gets the best, most innovative proposals possible.

Under APP 3.0, contracts are awarded to selected vendors so they can produce prototypes. This lets government officials assess real-world examples of proposed solutions and choose the solution that delivers the best value to Canada and Canadians.

APP 3.0 was developed by SSC’s Centre of Expertise in Agile and Innovative Procurement, in collaboration with TECHNATION and in consultation with numerous vendors. APP 3.0 takes a highly collaborative approach to procurement that will help the government meet its socio-economic and climate-related policy objectives.


– Contract Management presented by Colliers Project Leaders
(John Alley, Janice Kennedy and Stelios Hiotakis):
May 25, 2022

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Join Colliers Project Leaders as they examine key aspects of procurement for capital construction
projects. The session will explore:
• Is Probity, Fairness and Transparency enough – should the public sector seek consistent
procurement practices across all levels of government?
• In RFPs, how do you compare apples and oranges – are the hours of effort a good indicator of
the value of the deliverables?
• Construction contracts always have changes – who should have the authority to approve those
changes and what is the procurement role?
Attendees will leave this session with new perspectives that they can apply to strengthen their capital
project procurement process.


– Live Panel:
June 22, 2022


Registration is open for the remaining webinars. You can either register for one webinar or for all the remaining ones and register for one single attendee or your whole agency. You will find the links to register under each webinar above.


We hope you will be able to join us for these webinars !


Contact us if you have questions about our series of webinars:
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