Procurement Council


Annual Forum


APRIL 21 – 24, 2024




Word from the Chair

I’m delighted and honoured to be chairing the Canadian Forum on Public Procurement 2024 in Montreal.  It’s been 25 years since the first Canadian Forum was held in Quebec City. I can see that the enthusiasm and passion of procurement professionals is as strong as ever, and I’m delighted to be taking part.More than ever, the role of public procurement professionals is key to creating added value for customers. Managing risk and keeping on track during disruption is a driver for innovation. It is with great pride that I have joined a highly dynamic team to work on the creation and development of a program that includes diversity and inclusion. We all know that public procurement is transforming in many ways, which is why the theme of this year’s Forum, Transformation: Adapting to today’s environmental and economic challenges, is so timely. I’m very excited about it, because it will focus on innovation, integration, relationships, and our shared interest in dealing with change in public procurement. The challenges are great, so standardizing our best practices will be most beneficial and rewarding for us all.

I look forward to welcoming you to Montreal in April 2024. Join me in celebrating and sharing these 25 years of experience and exchange within our organizations.

Martine Côté, Chair of CPPC Forum 2024




Why Attend CPPC Forum?

You would like to attend our Forum this year in Montreal to live an amazing experience but you don’t know how to convince your supervisor that this event is worth it ? Download our Why Attend CPPC Forum document and show it to your supervisor so he can see what you can get and why you have to participate at the 23rd edition of our Forum.



Registration is not open yet. You will find below the detailed early bird rates.

CPPC                                                                  Member                        Non-member

Full Forum + Pre-Forum Seminar                $1150                                  $1550

Full Forum only                                                   $800                                  $1100

One-Day only                                                       $400                                    $700

Pre-Forum only                                                   $350                                    $450

Hotel Reservation

Staying at the host hotel helps the CPPC meet its contractual obligations, therefore keep registration fees down. Take advantage of the convenience, camaraderie and savings by staying at the Doubletree by Hilton where the event will be held. Attendees choosing alternate accommodations will be assessed a $150 surcharge on their registration fee. In your registration process you will be asked to provide your hotel reservation confirmation number so please make sure you complete your hotel reservation first. To book your room, please click here. Room reservations can also be made over the phone by calling 1-800-361-8234 and you need to mention the following event name: 2024 CPPC Annual Forum. Please note that all reservations must be made no later than March 28th, 2024.

Local attendees: If you plan to commute daily and live within a 100 kilometer radius of any of the three proposed hotels, please include as part of your registration the commute mileage (one way) when registering and you will not be assessed of a 150$ surcharge.

Room Sharing: Attendees sharing a room at any of the three hotels must provide a confirmation number and list all names on reservation for verification and you will not be assessed of a 150$ surcharge


Marketing Opportunities

Information will be available soon.



Our program for “Transformation: Adapting to the Environment and Current Economic Challenges is under development. Details will follow.

Call for Presentations

The CPPC is inviting proposals for Education Sessions at our 2024 Forum. As a presenter, you will have the opportunity to speak in front of an estimated audience of 200 public procurement professionals. Under the theme of Transformation: Adapting to the Environment and Current Economic Challenges this event will be a great opportunity to showcase your successes but also to share best practices related to public procurement. Your contribution to help advance our profession will be greatly appreciated by our participants.

Who attends?
Forum 2024 is unique in serving the broad public procurement sector, which is represented at all levels in all regions of Canada: federal, provincial/territorial, municipal, healthcare, education, NGOs and Crown corporations.
The CPPC attracts delegates and speakers from across the country. This annual conference is an event where decision makers in public procurement come to network, share leading practices and find collaborative partners to support the profession in moving it forward.

Why present?

  • Great exposure opportunity for you and your organization as professional leaders;
  • Contribute to elevate the knowledge base of the public procurement profession;
  • Excellent networking opportunity with other experts and colleagues;
  • Build relationships with the Canadian Public Procurement Council, the leading voice for professionals involved in public procurement in Canada.

Session format

  • Each session is approximately 60 to 90 minutes with a 10 minute period for questions and discussion;
  • Sessions should be interactive in the format of workshop, panel discussions or lecture;
  • Sessions should also include hands-on exercises and tools that participants could easily take back to their workplace for immediate use and implementation.

Session objectives
We are looking for creative, out-of-the-box thinkers to come forward and share the knowledge they have gathered in the public or private sector related to the following topics:

  • Green Procurement and sustainability;
  • Social Procurement;
  • Accessibility, diversity and Indigenous Procurement;
  • Innovation in our Procurement practices;
  • Adapting Procurement practices to climate changes and obligations;
  • Challenges and solutions related to evolving markets;
  • Attractiveness/retention not only of resources but also suppliers;
  • Agility in your organizational processes and flexibility in your day-to-day activities;
  • Influencing legislators to facilitate strategic procurement in the new reality;
  • Emergency preparedness ensuring business continuity;
  • Vendor performance/relationship management;
  • Supply chain challenges in the new global reality;
  • Lean management initiatives;
  • Strategic Procurement.

How to apply?
Please email your proposal to [email protected] by Friday November 24, 2023. All proposals should include:

  • A creative, concise but descriptive session title;
  • A session overview (50-75 words maximum) which will briefly describe the content and most importantly how it links to our Forum theme and session objectives;
  • Intended format of the session and how you intend to make it interactive;
  • Learning outcomes and takeaways for the participants (please list 2-3 items in bullet form).

Other information
As a not-for-profit association, the CPPC does not provide honoraria for session presenters at our Forum. Presenters are responsible for their own travel, hotel and other expenses. A complimentary one-day registration for the day on which the presentation is scheduled is provided.
Selections will be made by the Program Development Committee based on a number of criteria, including topics and benefits to delegates.


Mobile Application

To improve the overall attendee experience and to follow emerging technology trends in event management, the CPPC decided to invest in a mobile application for Forum. Over the past two years we have tackled the learning curve and validated real benefits of this investment. Now, with a growing number of users and the improved ability to communicate with Forum participants, we will offer the experience again this year at Forum 2024.

The app will accommodate all the resources and information needed for attendees to take full advantage of their experience at Forum 2024 in Montreal. The app offers an up-to-the-minute communication platform for all users and can supplement and enhance the content of Forum 2024 sessions by including easy access to presentation materials. This means you won’t need to bring paper copies, you can follow along using this app.

During Forum 2024, the app will have all the information on sessions, attendees, speakers, sponsors, social events, etc. It will also allow users to have access to different maps from all of Montreal points of interest to the Forum event location – the Doubletree by Hilton.

Users will receive alerts in the app during the event so no one will miss any of the action throughout Forum. In addition, evaluation surveys will be available through the app allowing users to provide immediate feedback on our sessions and on Forum in general, which is great for us to use in our efforts to continuously improve year after year.  Finally, a gamification feature will allow people to live a more interactive experience and the chance to maybe win something!

Stay tuned to download our Forum mobile application before the event !!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Montreal next April !