Procurement Council


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the objectives of the Canadian Public Procurement Council (CPPC)?
    • The CPPC is a non-profit corporation with the following primary objectives:
      • provide appropriate leadership and promote dialogue in public procurement;
      • add value to the supply chain management function of member organizations;
      • exchange ideas, information and experiences on procurement-related activities; and
      • consider operational impacts of emerging policies and practices in public procurement, including the trade agreements, the electronic marketplace and public-private partnerships.
  • Who is eligible to be a member of the CPPC?
    • Membership in the CPPC is open to all public and quasi-public procurement organizations, from all levels of government in Canada – federal, provincial and territorial governments, Crown corporations and the full range of municipal, academic, social and healthcare (MASH) entities.
  • Who manages the activities of the CPPC?
    • In accordance with the Council’s bylaws, the membership elects a board of directors from the member organizations. The bylaws call for a board consisting of 16 members. To ensure that all sectors are represented, three members are elected from each of the six sectors shown above. The sixteenth member of the board is the executive director. Additionally, no more than five members may be from one province or territory.
  • May individuals join the CPPC?
    • All individuals who have retired from the public procurement community or for students who want to make a career in public procurement can join the CPPC through an individual membership. However, individuals do not carry voting rights. Only member organizations have voting rights.
  • What does membership cost?
    • Annual membership fees for organizations and their staff (or for individuals) are detailed under Membership Categories.
  • What are the benefits of membership in the CPPC?
    • As a member of CPPC, you receive…
      • invitations to workshops, seminars and briefing sessions with key players in the public procurement community in Canada;
      • the CPPC job board for posting new positions in your organization or for notification of new job opportunities available to further your career;
      • quick links to organizations that can provide support to your day-to-day challenges;
      • contact details available immediately for other public procurement professionals through the membership directory;
      • opportunities to be involved in reviewing new documents, research reports and best practice presentations on public procurement in their developmental stages;
      • reference material and tools made available to members only through the CPPC website;
      • financial savings for your organization for the Canadian Public Procurement Forum.
  • Why should my organization join the CPPC?
    • As a member of the CPPC, you will be able to:
      • make direct contact with other public procurement organizations in your sector and at other levels of government across the country;
      • share your knowledge and experience in public procurement;
      • exchange ideas and information within the profession, in an effort to develop leading practices for the public sector procurement community;
      • profile your organization and the initiatives you are taking with your procurement team;
      • access methods and tools being used by other public procurement practitioners;
      • find the materials and contacts to enable you to develop both professionally and personally.
    • The Canadian Public Procurement Council is a non-profit organization. As such, your annual membership fees go directly to the development of a wide range of initiatives for the support of the public procurement community in Canada.
  • You refer to an annual Canadian Forum on Public Procurement. What is the purpose of the Forum? Where and when will this year’s Forum be held?
    • The annual Canadian Forum on Public Procurement is a place where you can network with your peers and other public sector procurement professionals from across Canada. It is also an opportunity to participate in open forums and workshops that deal with our most current and pressing issues and challenges.
    • In November 1999, for the first time, public and quasi-public sector organizations got together in Quebec City for the first Canadian Forum on Public Procurement to study and discuss their common issues. The Canadian Forum on Public Procurement is hosted in a different Canadian city each year. The 2020 Forum will take place in Calgary from November 1st to 4, 2020. Visit the Forum section of our website in the coming weeks as details on the event will follow.
  • How do I join the CPPC?
    • All public organizations carrying out public procurement activities in Canada may join the CPPC and anyone in your procurement section can have access to the membership benefits.
    • Your organization can join the CPPC by completing the application for membership online and submitting payment, either by cheque or credit card.
    • If you have any questions about your application, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Who do I contact for more information on the CPPC?
    • The head office for the CPPC is located in Lévis, QC and is managed by our Executive Director. We invite you to get in touch with us for more information on any aspect of the Council. Click here to contact us.