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Question from Yukon Government

Please reply to: Shanna Epp,

  1. How do you procure helicopter services?  If you can share your tender documents that would be great.
    1. For helicopters do you have a safety standard/policy when procuring these services (this is beyond what Transport Canada has in place for safety)
    2. Any info you can share on helicopters would be greatly appreciated
  2. Do you currently use an online system for internal employees to buy supplies for their offices
    1. If so who do you use?
    2. Can you share the tender documents with me?
    3. Lessons learned or something you would do differently
  3. Fleet management
    1. Does anyone use automatic vehicle locators in their fleets?
    2. What do you use for fuel cards?

Thank you !

Questions from the Treasury Board – Secretariat for Public Procurement

Please reply to: Geneviève Audet,

1. The Secretariat for Public Procurement of the Treasury Board of Quebec would like to obtain information from member organizations on their tendering process in the context of public procurement.

2. Specifically, they would like to know the eligibility and compliance requirements that are used by member organizations during this bidder selection process.

3. This information may be contained in laws, regulations, policies, manuals or tender documents. Criteria may be mandatory or optional.
Thank you !

Questions from Manitoba Hydro

Please reply to: Wendy Bonnie,

Manitoba Hydro is preparing an RFP for Administrative Services Only (ASO) health benefits and emergency travel health insurance. Members are asked if they can provide information the following:

  1. A ‘per line’ pricing model for Administrative Services Only (ASO) health benefits. Information could include:  the levels of detail (beyond paper claim line and digital claim line) that are most often used; other cost factors that may be broken out separately; experiences transitioning from a % of claims paid to a per line model, etc.
  2. Containing costs for travel pooling charges; appropriate escalation clauses and validation methods.

Thank you!

Questions from Halifax Regional Municipality

Please reply to: Stephen Terry,


  • The Halifax Regional Municipality would like to request if any member organizations can share the org chart for their centralized Procurement departments.

  • The Halifax Regional Municipality asks if any member organizations have a framework, guidelines or client questionnaire related to when to include a fairness monitor in a Procurement strategy that they can share.

  • The Halifax Regional Municipality asks if any member organizations can share their current Procurement/Commercial Card policy.

Thank you

Question from Yukon College

Please reply to:

Yukon College would like to know if anyone has contracts that they can share that are for Research Services or Technical services?

Yukon College is also looking to see if anyone template/contract to share for “sub-grant” – whereby researchers send funds to or receive funds from co-investigators at other institutions.

Thank you

Question from the House of Commons

Please reply to: Nadine Clément,

“I am asking if some of you are willing to share  job description, language requirement and the salary scale for the role of Senior Contracting Officer Position, it would really help me.”

Some of the tasks are: drafting RFP, evaluation, negotiation, contract award and manage agreements and similar to a PG-04 level in the Federal Government.

Thank you !

Questions from Yukon Government

Please reply to: Cassandra Kelly,

Yukon Government would like to know if anyone has RFPs that they can share that are for a consultant to do a full spend analysis of an entire organization?  They need an analysis of what they spend money on and how much they pay compared to industry standards, for example.

Thank you!


Please reply to: Betty Monahan,

  1. In your procurements, what are the requirements to allow a joint venture to bid?
  2. Please provide a sample clause regarding joint ventures from your procurement documents?
  3. Have there been any issues with the naming or legal entity status of joint ventures when contracting?

Thank you !